Discover The Top ESO Dragon knight Builds Guide


  ESO Dragonknight Build Guide – Best Tanking & Melee DPS Builds

The Elder Scrolls Online Dragonknight class is designed as a high damage dealer using fire, while being tough enough to resistant much enemy damage. Many active abilities and passive abilities used in these builds are the same as with the skills mentioned in the case of the tank build. The sword and shield are probably the best choice for most tanking and melee DPS building.

DK Build guide

You’ll want to build your Dragon Knight so that you’ll be able to easily stomp out multiple enemies at once, and quickly! At the same time, you need to protect yourself well enough to sustain hits but receive low damage. You can find several complete DK builds for tanking and melee dps at Eso universe on their eso dragonknight build pages. You’ll be able to access sample builds, videos with tutorials and user tested and proven builds using the guides listed on their pages.

ESO Dragonknight Healing Builds

Healing builds are not as common for a Dragon Knight as tanking and DPS builds. You can, however, create a pretty strong Dragonknight support/healing build if you use the correct abilities. Developing is good healing build begins with the Earthen Heart skill tree and combined with the resto staff….

Active Ability 1: Illustrious Healing (Grand Healing Morph)
Active Ability 2: Rapid Regeneration (Mutagen Morph)
Active Ability 3: Healing Ward (Steadfast Ward Morph)
Active Ability 4: Combat Prayer (Blessing of Protection Morph)
Active Ability 5: SIphon Spirit (Molten Weapons Morph)

Dragonknight Healing Passives

You’ll want to Max each Restoration staff passive if you want a solid DK build for healing. Cycle of Life, Resto Expert, Essence Drain, Absorb and Resto Master.

Earthen Heart: Eternal Mountain, Battle Roar, and Mountain’s Blessing. You only need Mountain’s Blessing if you have Molten Armaments or Igneous Shield equipped.

Light Armor or Heavy Armor Passives: You can use heavy armor if you’re not planning on being a full-time healer or if you’ll be in PvP. Otherwise you should probably select light armor since the passives are better for healing. All Light Armor passives except Concentration are good.

More complete information, tested builds and video walk-throughs highlighting the best Elder Scrolls Online Builds for dragon knights can always be found at Eso Universe. No matter which build type you’re looking for, you will find it on their Dragonknight builds page.