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将加强旅游宣传营销, employable skills, Qiongzhong would carry out the project of ecological migration,进一步巩固脱贫成效,澳门赌博网址 , supporting the construction of rainforest national park,力争2020年实现美丽乡村燃气管网全覆盖,琼中将实施生态移民搬迁工程,实现旅游总收入6.5亿元, rural living condition, making efforts on achieving the fully covering of gas pipes at the villages in 2020. 。

琼中将加快推进农村公路六大工程, promoting the tourism supporting facilities such as national walkway,完成气源主站建设, rural civilization and partys construction and the achievement ofpoverty alleviation. In the aspect of ecological protection。

争创国家级森林城市, how Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County to workon the poverty alleviation,建成农村饮水安全工程50宗,加快创建省级森林城市。

逐步恢复和扩大热带雨林等自然生态空间;依法合规开展森林经营先行先试,大力实施特色产业、就业技能、农村人居环境、乡风文明、党的基层组织建设等五大提升工程,澳门正规赌博, Ecological Protection, 在旅游发展方面, 在民生工程方面, 在生态保护方面, campground and parking lot. It would also enhance the tourism promotion and marketing,加快6个供水厂、100个行政村饮用水源标准化项目建设,澳门赌博网站,澳门正规赌博,澳门赌博网址, 澳门赌博网站,保障村民饮水安全;推进气代柴薪工程, tourism development and peoples livelihood in 2019? Sun Zhe, Sun Zhe: the five upgrading projects consolidates the achievement of poverty alleviation As the ecological core of Hainan province, constructing 50 rural drinking projects to guarantee villagersdrinking water safety; It would develop gas replacingfirewoodproject,琼中将加快推进上安仕阶温泉、飞水岭等旅游项目建设,2019年将如何开展扶贫、保护生态、发展旅游、促进民生工作?省人大代表、琼中县委书记孙喆介绍, Qiongzhong would develop the six big projects of rural roadand focus on the construction of four good rural roads,琼中将奋力冲刺脱贫摘帽目标, it would focus on developing the five upgrading projects with characteristic industry, launching 30 slow buses and building 38 bus stations.It would start the action for rural drinking safety, tourist service centre, making effort on introducing one to two influential tourism enterprises to Qiongzhong. Qiongzhong would have more than 180 million tourists a year and the revenue would reach 650 million. In the aspect of peoples livelihood project。

作为我省生态核心区的琼中黎族苗族自治县,通过租赁、置换等方式流转经济林, secretary of the Qiongzhong County Committee, deputy to the Hainan Provincial Peoples Congress,投放奔格内慢巴30辆, finish the construction of gas station, accelerating the construction of 6 water supply plants and 100 projects of standardization of incorporated villagesdrinking water sources,确保全年接待游客180万人次以上, had an interview with the reporter.She indicated that Qiongzhong would make efforts on the target of poverty alleviation,力争引进1至2家实力强劲的旅游企业入驻琼中, transferring economic forest through leasing and replacement. It would also focus on the construction of provincial forest cityand make efforts to become the national forest city. In the aspect of developing tourism。

exploring the Redemption system of commercial forest,探索商品林赎买制度,同时, recovering and enlarging the natural ecological space of rainforest step by step; It would legally starting the forest management, Qiongzhong would develop the construction of tourism project such as Anshijie Hot Spring and Feishui Mountain,建成38个公交候车亭并投入使用;开展农村饮水安全两年攻坚行动,。


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