Sorcerer DPS, Tanking & Healing Builds for ESO

 ESO Sorcerer DPS Build Guidelines

If built correctly, ESO Sorcerers are high on the class list of powerful DPS characters that can do well over 1000 DPS! Sorcerers tend to be focused on Crowd control and tanking. You can build a DPS Sorcerer with more power than you’ll need in many cases!

DPS Sorcerer builds will use Daedric Summoning, storm calling and some from dark magic. Medium or heavy armor is recommended as well as staves as the bonuses will enhance your DPS potential. ESO Sorcerer build guides are listed and sometime reviewed at ESO universe. Video tutorials with high DPS builds are also available along with links to pre made, proven top builds!

Sorcerer build elder scrolls online

The Sorcerer is not limited to one attack at a time so you’re DPS is not limited to your one best attack. Sorcerer’s summoning Daedric allies allows for simultaneous attacks, thereby raising your DPS higher than other class abilities. Your Sorcerer build needs to consist of the proper spread of Health, Magicka and Stamina. If you’re primarily a ranged spell caster you will need massive amounts of health and magicka. For maximum DPS, Sorcerers should focus mostly on magicka and stamina in general. Use the Sorcerer’s self healing abilities, heavy or medium armor for lower health balance.

Achieving the highest DPS as a Sorcerer comes with more challenging battlefields as you will need to not only keep track of your summoned assistance but more enemies at a time as well. ESO Sorcerers can easily switch to a Restoration Staff and heal if your PvP raid is light on healing. You can swap weapons during combat, switching quickly between your Destro and Resto staff, at a cost of course. Get the best ESO builds for Sorcerer and all Elder Scrolls Online class builds at Eso Universe.